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mind at ease presents

heal with mae


 "I went from restless party girl with fear of missing out to successful modern spiritual entrepreneur with a mind at ease. And now I show you how to do the same.''


sit with mae

Inspiring events, gatherings and rituals. Take a deep breath. Calm down. And sit with mae. Check out our upcoming (online) events.


work with mae

Become your own greatest teacher right from your couch. Find out more about how to work with mae on- and offline.

stay with mae

Deep healing and barefoot luxury. stay with mae to heal your energy and thrive from the inside out. In just five days you'll RESET yourself for success.

what people say about mae

“Tess has not only inspired me to take up meditating but has helped me to see so many situations in my life in a completely different way. I'm so much more aware now when I act out of ego... and it's hard to properly convey how meaningful that realization has been.”

“When Mind at Ease was born, I had one dream.

To build a global community of modern spiritual seekers.

ready to heal and change the world through high levels of consciousness. 

I envisioned a world where people take responsibility for their lives.

A world ruled by love, without separation.

Human beings, all taking care of themselves, each other and our planet.

In this world, we know that God lives within us

and that we’re co-creating our human experience.

I now know this isn't a dream,

but a reality slowly manifested by those who feel called.'‘

tess de wolf

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