mind at ease

"Your spiritual awakening made easy."

I went from restless party girl with a fear of missing out to successful spiritual entrepreneur with a mind at ease.
And now I show you how to do the same.
— Tess de Wolf


Founded in Amsterdam in 2017 as the coaching practice of Tess de Wolf, Mind at Ease has since transformed into a global community for modern spiritual seekers. With our on- and offline retreats we create sacred environments where you can be real, connect with like-minded people and develop spiritual practices that help you master your mind and live a conscious and abundant life. 

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What future members are saying about mae

Mind at Ease lives by the famous words of Dr. Wayne Dyer: "You'll see it when you believe it." The statements below give you an impression of what Mind at Ease can do for you. We know for a fact that these words came from our future members.

Take a deep breath, read the statements and ask yourself: "Is this the future me?"


"I found my purpose. Finally. I'm eternally grateful."

"Mind at Ease introduced me to spirituality without feeling like a total woo-woo."

"Because of Mind at Ease, I feel grounded and like myself again."

"Now I know I'm the designer of my life and I can do whatever the fuck I want."

"Bye bye limiting beliefs. Hello, abundance."

"Mind at Ease helped me to develop a daily spiritual routine."

"I know now how to channel my inner rockstar without self-destructive behavior."

"Although I've never met Tess. It's like I've known her for ages."

"My mind is finally at ease."

mind at ease podcast

Welcome to the Mind at Ease Podcast. My name is Tess de Wolf (founder of Mind at Ease), and I've created this podcast to help you become your own greatest teacher right from your couch. I went from restless party girl with a fear of missing out to successful spiritual entrepreneur with a mind at ease. And now I show you how to do the same. We'll talk about turning your 'mess‘ into your 'message‘, dive deep into psychology and the subconscious mind and discuss how to design a life wilder than your wildest dreams.

May this podcast inspire you, guide you to your own answers and light up your mood. 

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"Tess has not only inspired me to take up meditating but has helped me to see so many situations in my life in a completely different way.

I'm so much more aware now when I act out of ego... and it's hard to properly convey how meaningful that realization has been.

She speaks with not only experience but with empathy making it very easy to open up to her. Overall, it's been a wonderful experience."

Kjirstin Leona Breure, Vancouver

Ik ben Tess nu al super dankbaar voor de wijze lessen en spirituele inzichten die ze mij tot nu toe gegeven heeft!

Elke keer als ik bij haar de deur uit loop voel ik me weer iets verlicht en vol goede moed en kracht om te streven naar mijn gelukkigste ik!

Ik kan niet wachten straks het volgende traject aan te gaan 🦋

Mette de Vries, Amsterdam


"In eerste instantie ben ik met Tess een coaching traject ingegaan om meer focus en richting te krijgen op werkgebied en welke kant ik op wil met mijn eigen bedrijf.

Het grappige was dat ik binnen een paar gesprekken niet alleen stappen heb gemaakt op werkvlak maar in no-time ik ook meer richting kreeg op allerlei andere gebieden in m’n leven.

Ik weet niet hoe ze het doet, maar Tess weet op een hele ontspannen en natuurlijke manier de juiste vragen te stellen, en je zo snel tot waardevolle inzichten te laten komen. 

Wat voor mij begon als coaching op één gebied in m’n leven groeide uit tot een soort ‘total life’ coaching met een meer spirituele inslag. Voor mij zijn de inzichten en tips & tricks die ik heb gekregen super waardevol."

Annebet Philips, Amsterdam