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get high on your own supply

We are all addicts. I believe that the majority of people suffers from some sort of an addiction. And with addiction, I mean something that has more power over us than we would want it to have if the circumstances were perfect. You can be addicted to social media, sugar, food, approval, drugs, alcohol, thinking, fear, work and the list goes on. Whatever it is that you crave, it’s often accompanied by feelings of guilt and/or discomfort afterwards. But it doesn't have to be this way.

I've created this course to show you that there is a way out.

Sober is Sexy is your roadmap to freedom from endless guilt trips and addictive behaviours. With my step-by-step get high with mae formula you'll learn how to change your relationship with cravings, how to break destructive patterns, how to resist triggers and temptations and create new habits that get you high on life. You'll be prompted to take inventory of your addictions, become aware of your underlying desires and learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind. After this course you'll have a strong spiritual practice, know exactly how to receive divine guidance and the courage to go after your desires and dreams.

This course is for everyone ready to free themselves from addiction and get high on life.

listen this

Here's a little background story about my own experience with addiction and destructive behaviour.

this is included

4 really valuable training modules

monthly live coaching calls

(daily) exercises

hypnosis and meditation

extra resources

spiritual and community support

the benefits

24/7 access for life

more clarity and energy

no more hangovers and guilt tripping

the ultimate sense of freedom

a more loving relationship with yourself

the joy of natural highs

answer the following questions

Do you feel like your hedonistic lifestyle is getting a little out of control?

Are you anxious you'll never live up to your full potential if you keep living like this?

Do you feel guilty after drinking or using drugs?

Are you often going out because you're afraid to miss something?

Do you feel the hangovers are just not worth it anymore?

Do you believe your drinking and drug habit is not really recreative?

Is your restlessness calling the shots in your life?

If you've answered YES to all or most of the questions above this course is definitely for you.

the program

Here's an overview of what to expect in each module. In this program we go deep. We do a lot of inner work and lay a strong foundation to break any undesirable habit or addictive pattern along the way.

module 2

module 1

What is the fear-based story you're telling yourself?

What excuses are keeping you from change?

We need to feel before we heal

Practice the F word

Create a freedom statement

What it means to take radical responsibility?

Are you willing to change?

How to receive divine guidance?

Defining your intention

One day at the time

module 4

module 3

The F in freedom stands for forgiveness

Channel your Inner Rockstar

The Appreciation Game

Compassion with a capital C

Creating a Desire Map

How to survive temptation island?

Gratitude is the attitude

Heavily meditated

Get high on your own supply

Tap away fear of missing out

what's the time investment?

You can binge all the modules at once, work through them per week, or by day. You decide. The course has no end-date and you can practice in your own time and pace. All you need is a working internet connection, your digital device, earphones, a journal and a pen.

I recommend to revisit the course weekly in the beginning and after that once or twice a month.

By the end of this course you'll know how to get high on your own supply, how to break destructive patterns, how to resist triggers and temptations and maintain a strong spiritual practice.


MIND AT EASE, its staff, and content-providers are not licensed medical care providers and are not rendering personal medical advice or treatment. Always consult your doctor or health care provider.

This course is not a substitute for rehab.

*final sale, refunds not permitted.