What is light language?

Light language is the language of energetics. It’s multidimensional and channeled from other planets, galaxies, and entities. It’s the universal language everyone knows how to speak on a soul level. It’s how our hearts and souls communicate on the subconscious level.

Light language is an ancient language and holds the capacity to heal and activate your system to reboot yourself. It can come to you in different ways. From hand gestures and drawing to singing and speaking.

Working with light language can help you to remember who you are on a soul level and gives you exactly what you need at that moment in time.

It can bring the roots of limiting beliefs to the surface, heal (past life) trauma’s and experiences, give clarity and insights, and help you remember your unique and energetic gifts.

Because of all the layers and programming, we picked up from childhood, it sometimes is necessary to first bust through resistance before we consciously experience the benefits of light language.

In some cases, it takes time to override the power of the ego and to completely surrender to the power of these loving frequencies. However, the light language will always work on a subconscious level, even if you don’t experience any changes right away.

You can trust that whatever needs to happen or needs to come to the surface will eventually come.

Just like any other practice, working with light language takes time to fully integrate. The more often you practice, the more beneficial it will be.

With Mind at Ease, we do not focus on teaching you how to speak light language because we believe that the moment you are ready, you will remember how to do it without having to think about it.