tap into your intuition with tess de wolf

Do you feel stuck in business or in life? Are you too much in your head and overthinking every little thing? Are you afraid you'll make the wrong decisions and mess up? Let's change that!

I'll help you to tap into your intuition, heal your energy and move out of your head into your heart.

The last couple of years, I worked 1 on 1 with coaches, mentors, healers, and therapists that radically changed my life. From the moment I valued myself enough to invest in my worth, my personal and professional growth sky-rocketed. I started a healthy spiritual practice and finally recognized my energetic gifts. I became sober from drugs and alcohol and ’ Marie-Kondo’ ed all the other destructive habits out of my life. During this process, I realized that life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about remembering who you are.

In a 90 minute intensive private session, I'll tap into your energy, remove energetic blockages, open your portals and activate you to RESET yourself for success. I channel messages from your spirit guides, deceased loved ones and other entities and coach you on anything that comes up.

After this session you'll feel empowered from the inside out and have clarity on your life's direction and authentic path.

what clients say about mae

“Thank you so much Tess, for your help and guidance through these changing times. I'm grateful to have chosen to invest in seeking help to unlock these blindspots inside of myself."

“I wanted to let you know that I slept like a baby and I feel much lighter. This morning I received the first insights regarding my shadow side. Super grateful and happy that I invested in working with you."

“Everything you said is so true. I can only say, try it yourself, give yourself this gift."

"There are not enough words to describe this. I'm speechless. So much clarity and so true.”

how it works

First of all, I'm not healing you, but just tapping into the ancient healing powers of the Universe. This energy is available to all of us but because or our programming we tend to forget how to work with it.

This session will help you remember.

Before we start I'd like to know as little as possible about you to keep the channels clear. After the reading there is time to ask questions and I'll coach you on anything that arises. You can prepare for our session by drinking lots of water, grab a journal and a pen and just relax, trust and keep an open mind.

During the healing session grab a pair of headphones. Relax, be present and surrender.

Because you'll receive a massive amount of energy, it's important to take good care of yourself and give yourself time to integrate and slow down. There is a good possibility you feel very tired or highly energized. Drink lots of water and create space for anything that comes up.

After our session I'll give you specific tips on how to ground and energetically protect yourself.

You'll receive your reading in writing via e-mail and a recording of our coaching call.



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