free practice with mae


The state of hypnosis - also known as “trance” - is a natural state every human being has the ability to enter. Basically, hypnosis allows you to open your subconscious mind to suggestion, while your conscious mind is otherwise distracted. I've found hypnosis a beautiful support in the process of re-programming my mind. It helped me to rewrite my limiting beliefs and plant more loving and compassionate beliefs instead. As a gift from me to you I've recorded a special hypnosis to put your mind at ease and raise your self-worth.


The absolute number one thing that helped me to connect with my higher self is writing morning pages. Inspired by Julia Cameron, author from The Artist's Way, I started writing three pages every morning. I've been doing this for years and slowly this practice transformed into channeling and downloading messages directly from the Universe. To get you started with your own journaling journey I've created a free mini course with all my best practices.


The best way to keep your mind at ease? Make meditation a habit. The moment I sat down regularly on my meditation pillow my life changed forever. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind, to tune in with yourself and start a conversation with God, Source, Spirit, Universe or whatever name resonates with you. If prayer is you talking to that higher power, I believe meditation is the moment you listen. Start your own practice today with my free meditation guide.