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I went from restless party girl with fear of missing out to successful spiritual entrepreneur with a mind at ease. And now I show you how to do the same.

In early 2018 my path crossed with an untethered force of light. A woman so beautiful, so powerful and so pure, a woman that inspired me to radically change my life. Her name is Gabby Bernstein. With her book ‘Spirit Junkie‘ Gabby not only helped me to heal my destructive habits and to sober up, but also to start owning my story, to step into my power and serve the world with the gifts I have to offer. After binging on all her books, I decided I was ready to go all in. Scared shitless, I pulled out my creditcard, booked a ticket to New York City and invested in my first ever live event Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

From the moment I valued myself enough to invest in my worth, my personal and professional growth sky-rocketed.

During the masterclass I gained all the knowledge and insights I was so desperately craving. Not only did she taught me how run a spiritually aligned purpose driven business, she totally cracked me open, boosted my confidence, showed me how to heal myself from trauma and to make an impact doing something I absolutely love. After the event I was buzzing from inspiration and knew I wanted more.

So without a doubt, I instantly invested in Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital and was blown away by the amount of valuable content given. This training gave me lifelong access to the teachings of all her previous events and the best part that training including a one-day live event is now also available to you.

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with $1999 in bonuses from me.

That’s right. I’ve partnered up with my number one spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein to provide you with all the tools you need to become a spiritual rock star, deepen your practice and make an impact doing what you love. This is your chance to get access to all Gabby’s teachings, the teachings of her amazing speakers, AND work closely with me.



what is spirit junkie masterclass digital?

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course is an 8-module online training led by international speaker and #1 New York Times bestselling author Gabby Bernstein. It’s an immersive, self-paced digital course that helps you gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn for your great work. Inspire others by doing what inspires you!



is spirit junkie masterclass digital for you?

Do you feel you are destined for more than working a soulless job? Do you want to monetize your passion? And learn how to earn for your great work? You’re in the right place. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and feel called to start your own business or that you’re looking for ways to implement more spirituality and a sense of purpose in your current job. This course is for all levels and will crack you open no matter your background. The only requirement is that you’re willing to grow, serve and have fun!



my spirit junkie masterclass bonuses

There are few things I love more than connecting someone to their entrepreneurial spirit. It lights me up to brainstorm about new ideas and to inspire and motivate people to pursue their dream. If you sign up for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital through this page you’ll get access to $1999** in bonuses from me


In this online training I share all the basics of my signature Sober is Sexy Program. This training is your roadmap to freedom from any destructive habit or addictive pattern. From changing your relationship with alcohol to procrastination or clinging on toxic relationships. You’ll learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind, resists triggers and temptations and create new habits that get you high on life.


When singing up for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass, you’re going to get live access to three group coaching sessions with me each 1.5 hour long. I’ll carefully curate the coaching sessions based on what this group needs and wants. You’ll fill out a form beforehand and we’ll end every session with a 30 minute live Q&A.

If you’re not able to attend live, you can send in your questions via e-mail and I’ll send you the replay.


The best way to learn is from each other.

Pursuing your dream and start a spiritual practice can both be equally exciting as terrifying at times. In these times it’s so super valuable to connect with like-minded souls that know exactly what you’re going through. Knowing that you’re not alone can be super healing. I still have contact with the women I met during Spirit Junkie Masterclass and I want to offer you the same opportunity.

In this private community I hold space for you and offer spiritual support, guidance and a safe space to share your wins and your fuck ups with fellow spirit junkies.


Bonus 4 and 5 are only available for Spirit Junkies that pay the masterclass in full.


If you pay the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital in full, I’ll also offer you one hour private access to pick my brain and receive guidance and coaching. During our time together you can ask me anything you want and this hour will be completely dedicated to you and your journey.


Another advantage of paying in full is my intuitive reiki reading. As an energy healer I’m able to tap into your energy and (remotely) send you healing reiki energy. One of my gifts is when giving reiki my psychic abilities are activated. This helps me to get clairvoyance on any energetic block stored up in your body and opens the channel to messages from spirit and the beyond. You’ll receive a 30 minute reiki boost for you and your business and a written follow up of our session via e-mail.




don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions

Making a big investment in yourself can be scary AF and I understand that you might have questions. I’ll be more than happy to reserve time for you and answer any question that may come up. Just reach out here and my team will book you for a free 10 minute clarity call.



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“I’m a proud affiliate of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course. I love this course, and I believe in the mission behind the work. As an affiliate, I may earn a referral fee if you take the course from my recommendation.”