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mind at ease presents

stay with mae


your spiritual awakening made easy

That's my intention.

Because it's not about me, it's about you. And how I can provide you with all the tools you need to embrace luxury, say goodbye to self-sabotage, connect with your entrepreneurial spirit and become fearlessly authentic.

Deep healing and barefoot luxury

Recharge and press reset. From the moment you step out of the plane, everything is taken care of.

Imagine yourself. Sipping on a fresh juice. Looking out over the garden. Enjoying massages and reiki. While having a spiritual advisor on speed dial. A stay with mae is my invitation to discover a world of abundance, encouragement, inspiration and consciousness. I believe luxury is our birthright. Luxury is the joy of mental, physical, financial, social and spiritual freedom. It's living life beyond fear and limiting beliefs and embracing the abundance the universe has to offer.

For five days I'll hold space for you, help you wake up from your fear-based dreams, end self-sabotage and show you what you're truly capable of being.

what to expect

1 on 1 retreat in Ibiza

5 days (4 nights) in a villa or modern farm house

energy healing, spiritual advise, card readings

custom made online program


private chef

the benefits

all the personal attention you need

five days completely dedicated to you

full access to Tess her brain and teachings

a new mindset, skillset, and insights about yourself

a loving relationship with yourself

the joy of natural highs

become your own greatest teacher

Experience has taught me that proper after care is the way to integrate breakthroughs and create life changes with long lasting effect. Based on what we discuss during your stay with mae, I'll create a completely personalised online program for you with all the tools you need to become your own greatest teacher right from your couch.

where do you stay with mae

A stay with mae is possible anywhere in the world, but currently Iā€™m located in magical Ibiza. This spiritually charged island will sky-rocket your growth and hold space for you while you heal what needs to be healed.

The houses we stay in are inspiring, surrounded by nature, eco-friendly, and breathe effortless luxury.

what's the investment?

The most important investment is your willingness to do inner work for personal growth.

Because every stay with mae is completely customized to your wishes and desires prices may vary. For more information about the minimum investment, please request here.


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